What type of wax should I use to wax my string?

Wax types?

This is another question we get a lot. Its a simple question that can be summed up with one word preference! 

There are many brands of waxes out there chap stick type (soft), reg string wax (hard) and so on.  But its still preference!

Simply put you don’t need much wax on your bow string and the sole purpose is to protect you string from the elements.

So whatever you use apply it properly and you will be all set.  

Do you need to know how to wax a string check this link out  https://www.bowstringdepot.com/waxing-a-bow-string/


Components of a Compound Bow String

Bow String Components

Lengths: String and cable lengths are usually found on the bottom limb sticker but sometimes they are under the limb in the limb pocket for most compound bows.

Traditional are marked on the bow and its AMO length.

Buss Cable: Split at one end and fitted to each side of the limb and straight at the other end connected to cam

Cables: Cables are straight and fit from cam to cam

Pinstripe: Is but one strand of a contrasting color in between the two color chosen

Serving 3d: A serving that is twisted together.

Halo: A serving that is braided together

Cat Whiskers: Are for quieting the bowstring down and are very effective

Speed nocks: Are brass nocks with a shrink tubing over them and they are installed for speed by the manufacturer.

TPU speed nocks: Are a sleeve that slide over the string and take place of the brass speed nocks

Cable Containment system or Roller guard system: This is a roller that contains the cable or back of the string from moving forward or backwards it only allows it to roll up or down

New to ordering a Custom Bow String?

BSD would like to help you!

Here is some info you will need and need to understand.

In ordering a new string set you will need to have the following info on hand.
1. Make of bow. examples: Hoyt, Matthews, Pse, Elite etc.
2. Model of bow. Examples: (Pse) Brute, (Matthews) Chill x etc.
3. Year if possible. But not always necessary
4. You will need to know what string set style you have.
Single cam (1 Bow String,1 buss cable)

Dual cam (1 Bow String 2 buss cables)

Binary cam (1 Bow String 2 control cables)

Hybrid cam (1 Bow String 1 buss 1 control)

Also there are 4,5 and 7 piece sets in the more modern bows

four piece set (1 Bow String, 1 buss, 1 yoke, 1 control)

five piece set (1 Bow String, 2 yokes, 2 controls)

seven piece set(1 Bow String, 4 yokes, 2 controls)

5. You will need to know, String length, Yoke length, Cable length, Buss length these are usually found on a limb sticker on the bottom limb close to the riser.

In some cases your draw length will help in finding the lengths.