How are our string sets made?

Simply we make all our strings by hand. We pre stretch and triple check them for the correct length

How do I take care of my strings?

Simple do not leave them in direct sunlight or in high heat conditions (car trucks, near heating systems, near windows etc.) Wax the string (not the servings) when and if it needs it. Such as when its looks dry or is fuzzing.

Is my string cut?

This is a separator for the peep site. It divides the string in 2 giving you equal strands for your peep site.

Creep and Stretch?

Answer: Creep is non-recoverable elongation, unlike stretch which is basically elasticity or recoverable elongation. Some elasticity is necessary. Creep is a problem. It can cause the bow to go out of tune and the peep to rotate. The draw weight can increase or decrease and the draw length can increase or decrease.
Answer: Yes - BCY-X, 450 Plus, 452X and Trophy. These are blends of Dyneema® and Vectran. Vectran has no creep at the tension created by normal bows; therefore these materials are normally 100% stable.

Waxing a Bow String?

It is best to restrict waxing serving except on extreme wear areas. The center serving on a Crossbow needs to be kept lubricated but there is no need to wax compound / recurve center servings.
Waxing a String. As a Professional string builder here are some good guide lines. String material is a synthetic material or plastic. String material comes coated with wax (so each strand is coated) Servings are not coated in wax Serving should not be waxed. Why because wax is sticky and will attract dirt into the cams, etc, etc Heat is not good for a string Sun, hair dryer, Heat gun etc etc. Why because it distorts the string material and damages it. Over waxing is not good it attracts dirt and builds up and stiffens the string material. General rule of thumb for waxing your string, wax it when the material starts to fuzz. Simple its what the pros do! No need to go over board. When you have shot enough and the string shows fuzzing wax it.