Components of a Compound Bow String

Bow String Components

Lengths: String and cable lengths are usually found on the bottom limb sticker for most compound bows. Traditional are marked on the bow and its AMO length.

Buss Cable: Split at one end and fitted to each side of the limb and straight at the other end connected to cam

Cables: Cables are straight and fit from cam to cam

Pinstripe: One strand of a contrasting color in between the two color chosen

Serving 3d: A serving that is twisted together.

Halo: A serving that is braided together

Cat Whiskers: Are for quieting the bowstring down and are very effective

Speed nocks: Are brass nocks with a shrink tubing over them and they are installed for speed by the      manufacturer.

TPU speed nocks: Are a sleeve that slide over the string and take place of the brass speed nocks

Cable Containment system or Roller guard system: A roller that contains the cable or back of the string from moving forward or backwards it only allows it to roll up or down

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