What type of wax should I use to wax my string?

Wax types?

This is another question we get a lot. Its a simple question that can be summed up with one word preference! 

There are many brands of waxes out there chap stick type (soft), reg string wax (hard) and so on.  But its still preference!

Simply put you don’t need much wax on your bow string and the sole purpose is to protect you string from the elements.

So whatever you use apply it properly and you will be all set.  

Do you need to know how to wax a string check this link out  https://www.bowstringdepot.com/waxing-a-bow-string/


Waxing a Bow String

Waxing a Bow String 

I am a Professional string builder here are some good guide line on Waxing a Bow String and components of a string.

String material is a synthetic material or in other words plastic fibers.

Generally string materials come coated with wax (so each strand is coated). Most servings are not coated in wax. Serving should not be waxed. Why because wax is sticky and will attract dirt into the cams, etc, etc

Heat is not good for a string Sun, hair dryer, Heat gun etc etc. Why it distorts the string material and damages it.

Over waxing is not good it attracts dirt and builds up and stiffens the string material.

When to Wax a Bow String?

General rule of thumb for Waxing a Bow string, wax it when the material starts to fuzz. Simple its what the pros do! No need to go over board. When you have shot enough and the string shows fuzzing wax it.

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