New to ordering a Custom Bow String?

BSD would like to help you with a Bow String Set! Here is some info you will need and need to understand in how to order a new Bow String set. In ordering a new string set you will need to have the following info on hand. 1. Make of bow. examples: Hoyt, Matthews, Pse, Elite etc. 2. Model of bow. Examples: (Pse) Brute, (Matthews) Chill x etc. 3. Year if possible. But not always necessary 4. You will need to know what string set style you have. Single cam (1 Bow String,1 buss cable) Dual cam (1 Bow String 2 buss cables) Binary cam (1 Bow String 2 control cables) Hybrid cam (1 Bow String 1 buss 1 control) Also five piece set (1 Bow String, 2 yokes, 2 controls) seven piece set(1 Bow String, 4 yokes, 2 controls)