What String material should I use?

What string material should I use?

This question gets asked a lot every day. What string material should I use? We have tested many kinds of string material and we have come up with the conclusion that it depends on

Where you live?

How often you shoot?

What you do for shooting?(target or hunting)

Let us explain!

Where you live makes a great difference in temp, humidity, and elevation. Lets take temperature first it seems to be the one that affects the string material the most. High temps cause the some string material lose its consistency. Basically it starts breaking down and stretching and creeping. While other string materials high temp has less affect on them. Its still a good idea to keep your string set cool and dry.  How about humidity? Well that is pretty self explanatory high humidity is constant moisture on your strings that will dampen you inside of your string material causing them to deteriorate over time. Last two how often you shoot is pretty much the same is what you do for shooting. Target shooters are different then hunters. They shoot often causing a lot of wear on the string set. Hunters don’t do as much shooting but are tougher on there strings in the woods. So in a nut shell you need the right string material for your needs.