About Us

The Bow String Depot Story

“HUTCH” Owner of BSD

When my son was 8, I asked him what he would like to do and whatever he chose we would do together. He chose archery. As a do it yourself kind of person we learned all about building bow strings. That was quite a few years ago and now we are supporting archers around the world by producing bow strings.

Simply put, we custom build by hand and we are not a big production shop. Each set is laid out and pre-stretched to over 400 pounds. All servings are done in proper direction and under correct amount of poundage to eliminate peep-sight rotation and serving separation. In the end what you get is a string set complete ready to install!

We use BCY products and consider them the best products on the market.

Check us out and you will see!

We Build-em! We Sell-em! We Back-em!

More about us! We  have grown and are now supplying  the needs of the archery  industry around the world.  We are unique in  many  ways  but  one  of the things that stands  out is we are innovators of  the Tiger pinstripe a uniquely built string that is an  eye Catcher and has 2 pinstripes running  through it which  make it the the talk of many.