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Cable is on its way, thanks for the advice on string and cable removal. Is that just for that bow ,or fury xt cam specific? I have always had to borrow a press or have somebody press for me. That definitely  saved time and mileage. I can not express enough gratitude for all you have done. As stated before your help and customer service is beyond reproach. 

You have made a customer for life. I will be sure to tell everyone this weekend at state qualifier that I can, and without a doubt everyone on our team about the wonderful experience it has been.


Thank you to Bill over at the Bow String Depot

Just got my new strings in and they are killer to say the least. This is not my first set of strings from him and it wont be the last. Bill and his son have a small shop in New Hampshire and do great work. Quick turn around too. I know there are a lot of good string builders around but this guy is a real class act and his work stands out, thank you Bill, you are the man.


Peter Tosi

Hutch, after putting over 500 shots with the Prime Centriod and the new
trophy string set this weekend, what a difference.  Not to blow smoke up
your dress but "Dame Skippy" they reduced noise, vibration and accuracy
is right on out to 90 yards, no peep rotation just WOW!.  This was the
last ditch effort to keep the bow, I just couldn't shoot it, the bow was
shooting me. I was all over at even 40 yards. I replaced sights, peeps
drops and nothing worked with the 452X stock string set.  The only
difference was trophy was 288fps compared to 452x at 289fps.  I'll take
that trade off with a 400g arrow.  Just to let you know "thanks".

The BCY X is really holding up well on the Z7 also.  It would be a hard
decision between them, characteristics are very similar on both trophy
and BCY X.  With the BCY X, I actually gained 1fps compared to Mathews
stock string, 289fps vs. 290fps.  I have no ID what Mathews make them
out of but they sure didn't last. If you have a patch I'll put it on at
my next tournament in April here in the Great white North of AZ. Will be
shooting the Centriod.

Will be getting with you on my 2005 SlayeR ES, It freak-en loud.  I have
9L limbs on it and may have to send the current set to you, I think
there Vapor Trails.  It's not set up as a shoot though.

Thanks Pete

Recurve strings

Bill, I got the strings today and couldn't be happier. You do great work !! You certainly have a new loyal customer. Thank you! 

Thomas Ash


International customers

Hi Bill


Just a brief word to thank you for the compound bow string and cable.

In a word brilliant!!

They fitted easily, I fitted the string and shot it half a dozen times to settle, fitted the peep and its rock steady.

Also I have had none of the problems with serving that I have had in the past.

Thanks for a really good service to the UK, if anyone asks over here I will certainly recommend you...

Now I cannot blame the string when I miss!!




Sporting our strings

I realize this is a thread for product review but strings and service are products also. I have purchased strings through Bow String Depot for my wife, my older bow, and a good friend who I was fixing up his bow to get him shooting. These have always been great. I decided to get new strings and have a super-tune done by Hutch for my current bow (Matthews Z-7 - not the new extreme - the first Z7 by Matthews) 

I sent my bow and gave him some general guidelines on colors. I wanted to try and match the lost camo and cranberry red in the cams so it all blended in together. The strings turned out absolutely fabulous and just as I had described and intended. 

The icing on the cake was the super-tune. I just received the bow back and after doing the initial fine-tune to my human imperfections (he using a great shooting machine during his tuning), I moved back to 20 yards. I had left my nocturnal nocks on the bow for tuning as those are my "hunting" nocks. I left them on for my shooting so I could better watch arrow flight. How gorgeous. Except my second shot hit my first arrow - destroying a nocturnal nock and (after further inspection) cracking the nock end of the carbon arrow - so one arrow and nocturnal nock were unintended costs. 

I then went and replaced three nocturnal nocks with the original plain white ones. The picture below is the very first three shots. You will notice one slightly askew arrow - it actual ticked off the other arrow (I heard it) so I moved my aim point just barely and third shot still a kill. I am impatiently awaiting the opportunity to use my bow on something other than a target already. 

I would give Bow String Depot strings and super-tune a full 5 star rating. Thanks Bill absolutely fabulous.

Jim Ward



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