Gallery of Colors

Flo Orange and Natural with a Black Pinstripe 

Flo Green and Electric Blue with Flo Green TPU and Matching Cat Whiskers


Flo Orange Speckled and Natural

Flo Green and Natural with Black pinstripe

Pink and Flo Green with Black Pinstripe

Flo Yellow with Red Streak

Silver Speckled and Flo Orange Speckled with Yellow pinstripe

Mt Berry and Light Pink with Electric Blue pinstripe

Purple and Pink with Flo Yellow pinstripe

Pink Speck and Purple Speck

Flo Yellow and Black

Flo Green and Green

Electric Red / Flo Yellow Streak

Silver & Black / Flo Orange pin

Blue with Royal Blue pinstripe

Flame and Black and White speckled

Light Pink and Light Blue with Royal Blue

Electric Blue and Black

Silver Speckled and Yellow Speckled with Flo Orange pinstripe

Solid Red and Red Serving

Light Pink and Silver with Black pinstripe

Red and Black with Silver pinstripe

Flame and Black

Flo Orange and Black

Flame and Black with Flo Yellow

Flo Green and Flo Orange

Black and Purple with Flo Green pinstripe


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